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Indulge their passions, or try something new.

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Buy a HappyBox

Give the best experiences to your customers, boost your relationship with your employees and experience the result in your business….

Let the recipient choose from more than 1000 experiences and 100 plus gift boxes.

With HappyBox put the emotion right at the heart of your business!

Customize a HappyBox

See some of our Customized Boxes

If you are interested in customizing your HappyBox, please fill in the form and send it to us.

A sales agent will contact you to begin the process of customizing your HappyBox.

Note: Box customization starts from a minimum of 10 boxes

Why HappyBox? Why Experience Gifting?

  • HappyBox experience gifting is a gift that keeps on giving
  • Experiences are unique
  • Material gifts are forgettable
  • Experience gifting is about creating a memorable moment that your customers or employees will cherish forever
  • They will always associate the memory they had with the company they are dealing with


Put the emotion right at the heart of your business projects with more than 100 gift boxes and a large range of activities.

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